Monday, January 19, 2009

Leslie Porterfield, Holder of Three Land-Speed Records.

"I had excellent results with the FastSkinz on my motorcycles. Both bikes set records this year. I made several runs on the Honda at the Texas Mile. We had the opportunity to test all weekend, and change bodywork out for comparison. I had a consistent 3mph gain on top speed at the end of one mile. I put a second rider on the bike and did bodywork changes, with the same result. On my Hayabusa, I also noticed a change in the way it behaved. Normally at speeds at and above 200mph, the top of my windscreen would flex considerably. With the FastSkinz, I experienced no movement in my windse\creen. All of my bodywork on the motorcycle didn't experience as much movement from the wind. I am very impressed with the product, and plan on using it next season to set more world records."

-Leslie Porterfield, 2008 AMA Racing Female Rider of the Year, owner of High Five Cycles, and Holder Of Three Land-Speed Records.